Maintain the Exterior of Your Home

by Darryl Land on March 25, 2013

What can add value to your home? Just the look of it can add or detract value. So what can add to the overall good looks of your home?

When we think of the house itself, how does it look to people passing by? Does it look as if it is well maintained or does it present a slightly tired or even neglected feel? Remember, maintenance is not only about ensuring that your house is functional and safe, but it is also about making your home feel and look good.

Power wash your Lakwood Colorado homeObviously if the exterior paint is fresh and shiny, it will present better than if it is dirty and dull. Sometimes, particularly with siding the only maintenance necessary is a good wash. Just think, by setting aside time to give your home a good wash, you can improve the appearance and also the value of your home.

Are the windows clean or covered with spiders’ webs or dust? This is really part of your maintenance plan that whilst it may not affect the structure of your house, will increase the value and feel of your home.

The other area that will affect the value of your home is the yard. Just think about it. How are you affected when you are able to enjoy looking at a beautiful garden and well maintained yard in comparison to a yard that has junk lying around?

Part of your maintenance may be building or arranging storage areas for those items that may not be in use all the time. Do you have a place that you can store unused items out of site? Can you arrange them tidily so that they are easily accessible and can be put back easily?

Some are natural born gardeners. Others have to work hard at it. However with the proper advice and information you can have a garden that will enhance your home and value to your property. How can you obtain this advice? Go down to your local nursery and they will be able to inform you of the correct plants to use for your situation and how to best care for them. Whilst it may take time for you to see the full results, don’t be put off by this.

When it comes to putting money in the bank, a well maintained home will always fetch a higher price if the time comes and you want to sell your current home. It can literally add thousands and sometimes tens of thousands to your selling price.

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