How to Clean an Outdoor Deck

by Darryl Land on July 23, 2013

Outdoor decks go through a lot of different weather conditions throughout the year, which can make them look pretty rough and dirty. Fortunately you can keep yours looking great if you just wash it a couple of times per year! Before you get out your mop and bucket, consider these cleaning options:

Keep your wood deck clean for a great look1. Brush and Soap
If you want to put in some serious elbow grease, then purchase a brush with bristles and some strong detergent meant for outdoor decks. Mix the soap solution as directed and then brush it onto your deck with the brush. Make sure you clean all areas and then rinse it with your outdoor hose. This is going to take a while, but will give you the ability to deep clean your deck the way you want to.

2. Power Washing
If you want to save time and energy, then power washing is definitely a great option. The first step is to get a power washer, which you can find at home improvement stores. If you don’t want to buy one, then simply rent one for the day! After you have this, read the directions to learn how to use it properly. After this you can get to work power washing your deck, which will only take a short amount of time.

Really dirty areas may require you to scrub, but the power of the water pressure should be enough to get most dirt and grime off of your deck. When you’re finished all you have to do is let it air dry and you are finished! The added bonus of using a power washer is that you can use it on your home as well, which can mean cleaning a whole lot of things with only a little bit of time.

3. Protect
Decks that have water repellent applied will be likely to stay in better shape, so do this if you have the time and means. You can find these at most home improvement stores and they will protect your deck from moisture, rot and a lot of other damage. Do this once every three years and you should be able to keep your deck looking great for longer!

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