Interior Decorating | Change the Look of Your Living Room

by Darryl Land on September 24, 2012

Accent wall in your living roomA white and blank living room is not only un-welcoming, it’s also really boring! Your home should express your personality and your style with this space. Interior decorating can make a huge difference with how your living room looks and it doesn’t have to cost that much money. Decorating is a personal activity and can be done as you please. There are a wide range of things you can do based on what your home looks like and what you’re comfortable with.

The first thing you should start with is paint color. Instead of a stark white, consider using a light brown or even a gray color. There are tons of different color combinations you can use. There should be one wall (normally where your television goes) that is darker than the others. For example, if you have tan walls, your accent wall would be dark brown. This creates a nice contrast and gives depth to the room as well.

Add shelves to the walls if your space will allow them comfortably. On these spaces you can put candles, figurines, signs and other decorations you have. There are even a lot of decorations you can make yourself if you are on a tight budget. Shelves can either be installed on the walls or used sitting against the wall. Bookshelves make for great shelves if you don’t have the materials to build your own.

Wall art is another thing you should bring into your living room to express your style. There are a lot of pieces of art you can create or you can purchase them. Frames are easy to come across and canvas art pieces are as well. Use different sizes of art so you can create a nice look that is unique and creative. Just about anything can be used as art if you like doing DIY projects. Even fabrics can be framed and put up on walls if you want to save some money.

Wall decals are also affordable decorations you can use to change your living room. These stick on the wall without using any adhesive or nails. They can be peeled off without taking the paint with them as well. You can move decals around without damaging the walls, so they are great to have around.

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