DIY Home Painting Tips

by Darryl Land on April 16, 2012

Is your home ready for a face lift? Have your walls seen better days? For example, you may have dirty walls as a result of your children coloring the walls or you may just need to update the paint job. Whichever the case, an interior paint job may be in order. When this situation arises, there are two options. You can either hire a contractor to do the job or you can work on the house on your own. The latter method is cheaper, effective and more fun when compared to the former.

time to paint the interior of your Denver homeHere are some steps that will help you avoid making a mess out of the project. Before you start painting any room, you should evaluate its current state. You may need to start with some wall repairs. Such repairs can be done using easy to understand guides that are on the internet. You may need to invest in some simple tools for the repairs to take place effectively. Putty knives, spackle and sand paper are some of the tools and materials you may need for the job.

Once you have taken care of the wall repairs you can now start planning how your paint job will work. Priming the walls will be the first thing you do. Start by addressing any areas that have trouble and issues. Clean the walls thoroughly while removing any wall paper that may be clinging to the wall. Sanding the wall can be an effective way to ensure it is amenable to the new paint. Once you have completed this task you should test out different colors to see which ones you like best. If you do not feel like changing the original color you can buy the old color and start your painting preparations. Make sure you consult the person who is selling you paint in the event you have any doubts or questions.

Once you have primed the walls and they have dried you can start taping the edges. This is important to avoid painting over your floors and ceilings. A low tack painter’s tape is ideal as it can be taken off easily after use. Make sure you get the highest quality painting tools if you want the job to be outstanding. The best tools can be found by consulting the people at your local paint store. Once you follow these tips you will be ready to do a high quality repainting job on you home.

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