Painting Kitchen Cabinets – Oil vs. Latex

by Darryl Land on May 7, 2012

Painted Denver kitchen cabinetsOver the years we have updated many kitchens by painting the kitchen cabinets. Years ago the main “go to” material for painting cabinets was oil based paint. Well times have changed and over the last 10 – 15 years latex based enamels have made great strides. Now days your best bet, in most cases, will be a water based latex enamel (believe it or not).

Although oil based paints are extremely durable and hold up well they do have a number of downsides.

  • Whites and off whites tend to yellow over time.
  • The finish easily cracks.
  • Terribly hard to apply and toxic smell.

Here is why we now recommend latex enamels for kitchen cabinet painting:

  • Low odor, non-toxic.
  • Won’t yellow over time.
  • With new technology these finishes are now extremely durable and scrubbable.
  • In the past it was difficult to get a mirror like finish like you could with oils, with high tech waterborne finishes now available a mirror like finish can now be achieved with latex finishes as well.
  • More flexible than oil finishes (Won’t crack like oils will).

Getting a great new look for your kitchen can easily be achieved by painting your cabinets. At a much lower cost than replacement. Contact D. Land Painting today to see how we might be able to help you affordably update those old kitchen cabinets!

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