The Clever Way to Remodel Your Kitchen

by Darryl Land on April 25, 2013

Many homeowners regard the kitchen as the “hub” of the home. For this reason alone, updating a kitchen really pays off. According to very well known home improvement experts, by remodeling your kitchen, you can expect a 120% return on your investment! That is if you don’t over do it. The rule of thumb is “never to make your kitchen more elaborate than other parts of your home.” Your renovated kitchen should look interesting, even with various unique features, but it should still appear to be a part of the home, not as if it was put in on impulse.

Remodel your Colorado kitchenDo Not Invest In Extravagant Kitchens
For instance, a notable or historic home goes to waste if it is burdened with a futuristic designed kitchen. The beautiful charm of the home is totally lost. If you have an older home and renovate the kitchen, stay within the ambiance of the entire abode. If the style, size, and quality of the kitchen are not suitable to the rest of the home, you may have a hard time selling it later on, if you decide to do so. Why ruin the entire home for one room? If you are thinking about selling your home within the next few years, consider potential buyers before you begin any major remodeling, many buyers are not interested or will not pay for an over-the-top, deluxe kitchen.

Paint Saves the Day
How much to spend on your kitchen remodel can vary depending on how much work is involved and what you need installed. Get the most from your remodeling budget by looking at color. Fresh paint in up-to-date hues can make a remarkable transformation in any kitchen. Moreover, paint can easily fit into the tightest budgets.

Low VOC paints are a great choice. Besides making your kitchen more eco-friendly, low VOC paints helps those living in the home avoid inhaling dangerous compounds like benzene that exudes from normal fresh paints.

Select Energy-Efficient Appliances
Substitute old appliances for energy-efficient models. Energy-Star appliances are healthier for the environment. In addition, they are not hard on the wallet because you use less energy resulting in cheaper utility bills! Remember, these days potential home buyers are always looking for ways to be more economical when shopping for a new home.

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