Our Crew

Darryl Land

Darryl’s father originally started the painting business in 1958 in Denver and Darryl took the painting business over in the 1990’s. By working with his father for many years, Darryl was taught to always do what he has promised to do, to always be punctual, and most importantly, the customer is always right. Darryl has had the opportunity to paint a wide variety of industrial, commercial and residential properties. Prior to taking over the painting business, Darryl worked in high rise office towers for 12 years as a Plant Refrigeration operator. He served in a three year apprenticeship program for the city and county of Denver to become a licensed Refrigeration Operator. His job responsibilities included maintenance of the facility, maintenance and operation of the heating and air-conditioning plant, and the general properties maintenance. Due to the years he has worked in this trade, Darryl has attained extensive skills in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, and welding. This has been a great asset for work we perform on a regular basis for some of our best customers today.

Kevin Boss


Kevin is the Painting Supervisor for D. Land Painting Inc. Kevin is a third generation painter and has been painting for 26 years. Kevin originally entered the painters union, local No. 79, as a journeyman painter. Within 1 1/2 years, Kevin completed all the necessary training, duties, and testing necessary to become a Master Painter. Kevin has extensive new production and custom home experience. He has worked on high end homes in Aspen, Colorado for 2 years. He also worked on a 25,000 square ft. custom home for the actress, Barbie Benton, for 2 years. Kevin also painted a chain of Best Buy stores throughout nine states. Kevin’s specialties are: special finishes such as faux finishes and epoxy coatings. Kevin is a terrific asset to our company and his attention to detail and care for each job are exemplary.

Alex Ponce

Alex has been in the painting business for nine years and has been with D. Land Painting Inc. for five years. Alex is a true professional in every since of the word from his polite manners to his professionalism as a painter. Alex treats each job as if it was his own. We have so much confidence in Alex that he has run a very large commercial job for us in Arizona without incidence. Working out of state is always challenging with such issues as putting together and running a new crew, learning the area, and recruiting new vendors. He has done so with his normal professionalism. Alex attends business classes on an on-going basis with the aspiration of starting his own business one day. With his positive attitude, respect for his customers, and painting skills, he will succeed.

Oscar Ponce

Oscar has been with D. Land Painting Inc. for five years. He has been a great asset to the company. His skills are well rounded in all aspects of our business. His ability to jump in and help whenever needed makes him an outstanding person to have on staff.

Jo Ann Land

Jo Ann has been the Office Manager for four years for D. Land Painting Inc. Her duties are accounts payable, accounts receivable, preparing the payroll checks, and typing. She greatly enjoys working for D. Land Painting Inc.