Create a New Bathroom Worth Bragging About

by Darryl Land on July 8, 2013

Taking the time to tackle a project that will improve your bathroom is well worth the effort. Great ideas can turn a simple home improvement project for your bathroom into a stunning worthwhile investment. Whether your project is a weekend-long endeavor or something quick and easy, there are many ways you can refresh your bathroom decor. For example, faux built-in vanities and additional storage can easily be created from secondhand dressers to give your bathroom a more personal touch.

I thnik I will remodel my Denver bathroomInexpensive bathroom updates are easy on your budget and have a tremendous impact on the general space. Everything from re-caulking your shower, installing a bathroom vent, or adding a medicine cabinet, all can be done next to little or nothing!

Check out some of these fantastic bathroom improvement ideas:

-Cabinet doors can make a small bathroom seem overcrowded. Maintain an ambiance of lightness with a furniture-styled vanity.

-Give a bland bathroom a fast update by taking out a few existing tiles and substituting them for more decorative tile designs. Be sure that the design and color fits the overall décor of your bathroom.

-If your bathroom space feels too compact, why not add a pedestal sink, or perhaps two? Conventional sinks are usually one piece; however, a pair of pedestal stinks opens up the space giving the area a more luxurious feel.

-Create a timeless appeal in your bathroom by adding a marble countertop while saving on inexpensive cabinetry. A simple marble topped workbench-style vanity affords space for toiletries and towels under the sink. Easy linen or cotton skirting, instead of conventional door, keeps your bathroom items out of the way in a secure place.

-Create additional storage by constructing a recessed-shelf between the studs in your bathroom wall. Recessed-shelves take unused space and make it usable while not taking up floor space, which makes a world of difference in a small bathroom.

TIP: When updating your bathroom make changes with resale in mind if you plan to remain in your home for less than five years.

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