To Brush and Roll or to Spray: That Is the Question

by Darryl Land on July 27, 2011

Many of the people who have contracted the services of D. Land Painting Inc. have asked the question, “Is is better to paint my walls with a spray gun or with old fashioned rollers and paintbrushes?” The answer to that question is actually a fairly complex one, and there are a few things that you need to understand about the different tools before you get started.

Quality Application
If you want the best coat of paint on your walls, then you should select the old fashioned brushes and rollers. Using a brush and roller gives you total control over the distribution of paint applied to the wall, meaning that you are able to ensure that the entire wall is painted evenly. You simply can’t beat a roller and brush for a thick and even application of paint to your walls.

Surface Space
When it comes to covering the largest amount of space in a short amount of time, then spray guns are by far the more effective method of painting. You can spend days working on one section of your house, or you can get the paint done in record time by using the paint spray gun. All the experts here at D. Land Painting Inc. agree that using a spray gun is the best way to cover the largest amount of space in a short amount of time.

Texture of Surface
The texture of the surface that you are going to paint is a vital factor in the decision to use paintbrushes and rollers over a spray gun. When doing perfectly smooth surfaces, you will find that brushes and rollers are the best way to go. However, when working on rough or uneven surfaces, you simply can’t beat a spray gun for applying the paint. Rather than having to apply a good deal of pressure on the roller or trying hard to work all of the paint into the cracks with the paintbrush, using a spray gun ensures that the entire surface receives an even coat of paint. Due to the fact that the spray gun is using compressed air to spray all of the paint into the cracks and over the surface, there is little to hinder the paint from being applied evenly over a rough surface.

Painting is always going to be a messy job, but it only become messier when you use compressed air to spray paint at high velocities. Spray painting requires that everything in the area be completely covered and masked, and you are guaranteed a good deal more mess when you use a spray paint. You can actually paint your house entirely using only paintbrushes, rollers, a wooden board, some tape, and some newspaper. If you want to find a method that will keep the mess of the job to a minimum, then you are better off using paintbrushes and rollers.

Cost Effective
The cheapest method of painting your entire house is using a spray gun. Using a paintbrush and roller means that you end up using a lot more paint to paint your house, due to the fact that you apply a thicker coat of paint to cover the wall evenly. Using the spray gun is far cheaper, as it will apply a much thinner coat of paint more evenly on the wall. This can save you as much as a gallon or two of paint, which, as our experts at D. Land Painting Inc. can tell you, will greatly reduce your expenses.

When it comes to getting the job done quickly, nothing is as fast as a spray gun. You can blast through your entire house in one day, and you can get the job done quickly and far more effectively than you could by using a roller and paintbrush. Our professionals at D. Land Painting Inc. are able to breeze through homes and offices quickly thanks to the fact that spray guns work far faster.

In Conclusion:
When it comes down to it, the experts at D. Land Painting Inc. have to agree that the spray gun will be the better choice for your painting needs. Not only can you get the job done much faster and cheaper, but you can apply a much more even coat of paint using the spray gun. If you want more information on using spray guns, visit D. Land Painting Inc.’s website to find out more.

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