Please allow me to introduce to you D. Land Painting  Inc.  as one of Colorado’s premier professional painting companies. Regency Centers has used D. Land Painting Inc.  almost exclusively over the past 14 years, to refurbish, re-coat, and maintain approximately 24 plus Shopping centers including properties in Arizona. We do so mainly because of their dedicated customer service not only to Regency itself, but Regency’s, customers (Tenants), as well. Along with its competitive pricing and quality service, they stand behind their work. In my 36 plus years of Commercial Property Management, I have found Darryl Land, owner of D. Land Painting Inc.  to be a man of his word and follow through. Such that when I discovered his company in 1997, we have again, almost exclusively have gone to them for our Painting, Grouting, Caulking, and Maintenance. They also have a keen since of anticipating problems, and dealing directly with Tenants to see them resolved before becoming a problem. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for quality, be it Commercial or Residential.

John L Romero
Senior Property Manager
Regency Centers




D. Land Painting Inc.  has been our Painting/Staining contractor for over 21 years. Most of our projects are high end custom homes, which require an incredible amount of detail. In this industry there is no in-between, the paint / stain contractor is either really good or really bad. Darryl’s company D. Land Painting Inc.  is fantastic with our finish work, which is what my clients demand. His work is one of the most important features of our custom homes. They also do custom stain work, that with different species of wood, they custom mix the stains to blend, which is required on most of our custom homes. No track home paint contractor would be qualified. We have used a few other paint contractors over the years, but they did not give us the results we needed. We now will move our schedule, for D. Land Painting Inc. to perform our work. They have also done tenant finish projects, hotels, and condos for our company. If they can schedule you in on your project, I Brian Nobles owner of Sterling Estates Inc. highly recommend them. Please feel free to contact me with any questions related to D. Land Painting.

Best Regards

Brian Nobles
President Sterling Estates Inc
7551 South. Carr Street
Littleton, Colorado 80128
Office/Fax 303.973-0913




Dear Darryl Land,

I would like to take the opportunity to express my thanks for working with you and your firm on several Class A remodels to a special client of ours – Colorado Capital Bank. The professional behavior displayed by your onsite personnel made all the difference in ensuring our project was completed on time and within budget. We especially appreciate your flexibility when project changes were made at the last minute and the schedule could not be altered. The finishes you created and the attention to detail have left a lasting impression with us, our client, and their customers. Darryl, we welcome the opportunity to working with you in the future as you always have our best interest in mind.

Kind Regards,

Frank Castellano
Project Manager




To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to wholeheartedly endorse D. Land Painting, Inc. for any and all of your painting needs. This firm would make an outstanding sub-contractor or primary painting contractor. I first met D. Land Painting, Inc. when I contracted with them as a painting contractor on numerous small to medium sized projects throughout the Denver area. Several years later they are still our go to guys for painting. D. Land Painting, Inc. is also very versed in all aspects of residential, commercial and institutional painting. In addition they are very flexible and eager to take on new challenges in their respective field as an added bonus their pricing is very competitive. The best asset they offer is their honesty and integrity. Mayan Construction Services, LLC would not hesitate to have D. Land Painting on any of our projects either current or in the future.

Dale E. Romero
Mayan Construction Services, LLC


Good Morning Darryl,

I just wanted to Thank You and your team for the work that you completed at Water View III. As always, your team was responsive, courteous to customers, and the overall results were fabulous. Your work and craftsmanship make our work look even better.

Thanks again,

Paul Roberts CEO
Steel Works, Inc.


Dear Darryl,

I am very happy to write a letter in support of D. Land Painting Inc. Your painting company has been our painting contractor for both our business and our home painting
projects for the past 10 years. D. Land Painting Inc. does an outstanding job with all types of painting projects. They offer competitive pricing and a very high quality of service. Darryl and his painting crew are one of the very few contractors I feel comfortable leaving alone in my home to work while I am away. I would like to highly recommend D. Land Painting Inc. to anyone looking for a quality painting company. I guarantee you will be highly pleased with the service you receive.

Keith and Barbara Hansen


Bob Jenkins and Son’s Professional Builders, LLC

It is our extreme pleasure to take a moment to write a letter of recommendation for D. Land Painting Inc.  Darryl has been a terrific asset to our company for many years now.  D. Land Painting Inc. started contracting our paint and finish work over 13 years ago for my father.  Our work spans from very high quality luxury estates from Denver to Beaver Creek, restaurant build-outs and tenant finish.   His work has always been top rate and always makes our projects look first class as is our goal.  Darryl and his team are always professional and courteous to our customers, and are always able to accommodate our sometimes very difficult scheduling and  immediate change orders in the middle of their production.  Darryl and his crew do this quickly, efficiently and always with a great attitude.   They are the last sub-contractor in most cases that our customers will work with and lucky for us they leave a very good impression with them.  All of our repeat customers always inquire is D. land Painting still our painter and will they be completing our work?.  I am always very happy to answer them yes D. Land Painting Inc. still performs our work and yes they will be on your project.  Bob Jenkins and Son’s Professional Builders highly recommend D. Land Painting Inc. We are sure you will not be disappointed.


Bob Jenkins Jr.

Bob Jenkins and Son’s Profesional Builders, LLC